Quality Policy  

Our Company’s aim is to achieve and sustain a reputation for quality by supplying products conforming to agree specification at all times. We believe in and strive for the involvement of every member of the Company in quality  improvement and quality system practices. It is our endeavour to develop the necessary skills and build an attitude essential for   prevention- oriented work culture in pursuing our objectives.

The operation of the Company is managed by our qualified and experienced Director, who has acquired skills of management through association with leading Companies in the country   with the help of two experienced associates.
The Company believes in selecting personnel carefully and training them for specified tasks. The technology adopted is based on very close relationship with business associates for utilization of resources, both within and outside the company, to optimize economic advantages without compromising on quality.

Since its introduction, Statistical method of quality control has gradually been applied to   data analysis, experiment design, process control and quality design. The idea and technique has evolved as management philosophy and application is being expanded continuously. The statistical method of quality control is applied to all business activities  from shop floor quality control movement to management decision making.

  • To prevent unsuitable material or semi-finished goods from being issued to shop floor.
  • To find that the predetermined working conditions are set correctly.
  • To check if the initial condition have been maintained through the production lot.
  • To determine the quality of product in respect to the requirements of correct specification.
As a first step to achieve the above goals, the Company has set In house standards for material, processes testing equipment and introduced formats that are necessary to carry on daily business activities for conformity to such standards. These standards are classified in major groups as follows:
       A    Raw Material Standards.
       B    Process Standards.
       C    List of Machineries / Equipment’s.
It is based on the standards pertaining to Raw Material acceptance inspection and Process inspection schedules. The Raw Materials standards prescribe the acceptable quality levels of raw material including packing material.
The process standards prescribe the standard working conditions to maintain quality level at each process to guarantee the desired quality. The manufacturing process of welding fluxes is illustrated in the Process Flow Chart.